M.Abdul Majedu - Founder

M.A.M College of Education was originally part of M.A.M Group of Institutions (10 Institutions) which was established by MALUK EDUCATIONAL HEALTH AND CHARITABLE TRUST (1993). The education journey of the group started on 10th Feb 1999. The 10 institutions of the group together are catering currently to nearly 10,000 students, at Siruganur, 23 kms away from Tiruchirappalli on the Trichy-Chennai Trunk Road.

M.A Saburnisha- Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman M.A.Saburnisa has actively contributing to uphold the facilities for successful running M.A.M College of Education. She is dedicated and giving full support for all activities related to studies and recreation for students.

M.A Fathima Mansoor - Correspondent

M.A.M Group of Institutions were divided between the trustees of the trust for individual institutions growth the following.

*M.A.M College of Education *M.A.M College of Nursing

Since may 2014, M.Abdul Majeedu Fathima Educational and Health Public Charitable Trust, With the above mentioned Institutions has become an separate entity with new administrative team under the leadership of M.A.FATHIMA MANSOOR.

M.A.M College of Education was established in 2011.which the motto of ‘Services with Smile’. The College is approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu vide G.O(2D)No.42 Health & F.W. Dept.dated 28-02-2011. The college is recognized by The Tamil Nadu Nurses & Midwives Council, Indian Nursing Council and The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University.

M.Sheik Mansoor - Secretary

M.A.M College of Education takes seriously the responsibility of offering every student a feast of learning opportunities and is committed to impart holistic and value base professional education, M.A.M College of Education students are encouraged to grab the opportunities and make good use of the facilities available in the campus for self-development. Active participation and involvement in all the activities will reward the students in many ways. M.A.M College of Education is situated in a very serene atmosphere, free from all kinds of pollutions, the institutions are located Trichy, 23 kms from tiruchirappalli on the Trichy-Chennai Siruganur.

Dr.S.M.Azhar Jamal Peer mohamed

M.A.M College of Nursing was launched with the aim of providing quality education on par with international standards. It Persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of education on a constant basis for the past 9 years M.A.M College of Nursing is committed to prepare students for the life and work, equipping them with the required skills to contribute to the technological , economical and social development of our country on way to fulfill the version of our CEO DR.S.M. AZHAR JAMAL PEER MOHAMED to make it truly world class.


Mr.G.Ravikumar - Principal

M.A.M. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is run by members who have registered their names firmly in the field of education and provided their caliberby the smooth running of the following educational institutions in Trichy.

M.A.M. College of Engineering, M.A.M. College of Engineering & Technology, M.A.M. Polytechnic College, M.A.M. Matriculation Higher Secondary School As the tree is known by its fruits, their dedication and devotion to the field of education has brought forth a member of institutions in the campus. The founder and Chairman Haji. M. Abdul Majedu, who is of the feeling that growth of technology can lead to prosperity, wished that a strong foundation will help the growing buds to develop their all round personality. This inspiration of him paved the way for the birth of this College of Education. To make his wish come true M.A.M. College of Education gives all the possible coaching and improves micro teaching skills. It conducts Citizenship Training Camp, Teaching practice, Sports Activities, Educational Tour and Field Trip.