The libraries are backbone and heart of any academic institution. It is a central place for the academic and research activities. Fast changes in technology leads to the updating of new literatures in the form of textbooks, reference books & Encyclopedia. The library has built a robust collection of over 4239 Books, 151 back Volumes and 26 Journals. To provide time bound information services for the patrons of the college.

Library Staff Members

Name :    Mr.M.Sathiyaraj., M.A.,M.L.I.Sc.,D.C.A.,
Designation :   Librarian
E-mail :

Name :   P.Muthamizh Selvi ., M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.L.I.Sc.,
Designation:   Co-ordinator
E-Mail :


Monday to Friday : 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
Saturdays : to 4.30 pm
Sundays and Government, Holidays : Holiday

RESOURCES: (Resources and Services)

The college library has built a healthy collection of Books, Periodicals, Back Volumes and Technical Educational Materials.

Particulars Total
No. of Volumes 4239
No. of Titles 2464
Reference Books 529
Journals 26
MagazineMagazine 28
CD’s I200
Back volumes 151

The Journal of Natural Inquiry & Reflective Practice
Networks: An On-Line Journal for Teacher Research
Florida Journal of Educational Research
International Journal of Special Education
Journal of Biological Chemistry


  2.Reference & Information
  4.E-Mail Notification on New Acquisition of Books & Journals
  5.Internet, facility is available.
  6.Book Bank facility for Students will be allowed 2 books.


In the year 2013, our college library was modernized to providing computerized information service to the students and staff. Now the constraints in day-to-day work have minimized and also the repetition and duplication work avoided.


All students, Teaching and Non-Teaching of the college are eligible for membership of the library. The registered members are issued bar-coded identity card corresponding to their entitlement.


Category No of Card’s No. of Books Duration
Teaching Staff 5 5 1 Month
Non-Teaching Staff 4 4 20 Days
Students 3 3 15 Days

The Students should return their Library Cards at the end of the year & Staff members those who intend to leave the college should need to return the cards. Only One renewal is entertained for the staff & students.

LIBRARY RULES AND REGULATIONS (Library Rules And Regulation)

1.It is obligatory on the part of every student to be a member of the Library.
2.Three library tickets for each student will be issued only on production of identity cards.
3.The tickets are not transferable and the library reserves the right to refuse issue of books on any unauthorized tickets.
4.Books will be lent out for 15 days (2 weeks) and the due date will be entered on the date slip. Two renewals for another 15 days are permitted.
5.The book should normally be returned on the due.
6.Fine will be levied for the late return of books.
7.On receiving the books, the students should examine it and report at once to the librarian if any damage is found in the book. If the students fail to do so he / she will be held responsible for such damage when it is subsequently detected by the librarian.
8.Every book will be examined as soon as it is returned, and if pages are found missing or if any book is found marked, soiled or damaged, the borrowers should either replace the book or pay the cost at the current market price which will be ascertained and fixed by the librarian.
9.Loss of borrower's tickets and books
10.Loss of tickets should be reported to the librarian immediately.

1.Duplicate tickets will be issued on payment of Rs. 25.00 after verification. No user shall deface the library books by underlining, scribbling notes in the margin etc.,
2.Expect for note books, writing materials and library books already issued, no other personal belongings will not be allowed inside the library.
3.Books taken out of the shelves for reading should be left on the reading tables.
4.Students should not replace them in shelves.
Periodical publications, dictionary, reports, proceedings, reference sources after reference should be handed over to the librarian and rare books will not be lent out.
5.All members and the library staff should observe silence inside the library.
6.Reservation of books is also available.